New Website. New Content. New Everything.

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It’s been in the works for over two years but the new aspect of my life is launching. More on that will be posted any day now. I’ve been wanting to change the website for a very long time to coincide with this and I finally was able to do it. I wanted to find a new design and that actually took longer than I thought. The older one was really good but it lent itself more for blogging where the new website will have a blog (as is evident by this post) but more so to showcase every aspect. I am still altering parts of it and trying out other things so there may be times when things may not load correctly and appear then disappear. Hopefully not too much but please be patient with that. The new life journey is starting and things are about to get super […]


Overdo Update

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A long overdo update. I’ve been busy with a lot of work and projects plus I had a bad cold which meant not a lot of time for blog updates. While finishing current projects (three total not including my YouTube channel videos) I will then transition to redesigning the website and editing my new reel. So I will be welcoming 2017 with a brand new website. I also have a lot of catching up to do because it’s been a good couple of months. I’ve met some great people and the plans for next year are so far on track. A lot coming for the new year but before I get there I will be looking back on this past year. Most likely in my YouTube videos which I will also post here. I’m still around and getting ready for a lot in 2017. In case you don’t follow me […]