Rain Time Tea Time

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I’m trying to do more fun experimental videos and exercises and today was a good example. It was raining pretty hard which was bumming me out. Instead of moping about it (anymore than I already was) I decided to grab my camera and shoot some of the rain in slow motion. Nothing fancy. I didn’t want to use my tripod or lights. Keep it as basic as possible. Just some cool slow motion shots at 240 fps (which caused the flicker on the indoor shots). I was making some tea at the time and as I went to the back door the tea pot was boiling so instantly I thought of a mini video. So within half an hour I shot everything in the video (plus a couple shots not used). Then edited it together and here it is. I admit it’s nothing amazing. It was just a short test […]


It’s Halloween Time

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It’s that time of year again as we all gear up for Halloween. It’s nice to see more and more people embrace the fun nature of it. October in many ways is my favorite month though I dread the oncoming cold weather. However I do enjoy the changing leaves, the Halloween decorations, and, as a horror fan, it’s the one time of year where scary movies abound not just in theatres but on TV and even on video as companies take the opportunity to release catalog titles. It’s the time to have fun and celebrate the spooky, scary, and horrifying plus the intake of excesses of candy.  

Dark Light

Beautiful Time

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I am obsessing over this piece of music again from the film ‘Inception’. My love of film music knows no bounds and one of my favorite composers is Hans Zimmer who wrote a truly incredible and beautiful score to my favorite film from last year. This piece specifically stuck out to me. This was one of the pieces I listened to while writing the script to my new film ‘Dark Light’. If I ever get to work with Hans Zimmer one day I would consider it an incredible honor.