The Green Inferno And Movies And Friends Meant A Great Weekend

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So I had a weekend that turned into the possibility of fun to one of the best all year. I spent Saturday with friends watching a bunch of movies. I haven’t been seeing as many (new) movies as I’d like so I tend to catch up on these hang out days. We saw Mission Impossible Rogue Nation which I thought was great. Considering it’s the fifth in the series it’s still fresh and exciting. I think the decision to use different directors and letting them bring their own uniqueness for each one has made a big difference. Up next was the highly underrated Sinister 2. I’m not sure what people are expecting from the film but I thought it was good for a sequel. Then Hitman Agent 47 which was a fun action film. As you can tell I rarely dislike a film. I pretty much like everything. Finally, at […]