Halloween Horror Movie Challenge

Halloween Horror Movie Challenge Day Twenty

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I had accidentally missed a day so the last couple days were off but that has been corrected. So back on track. Day Twenty – What is your favorite way a horror killer has been disposed of? FRIDAY THE 13TH THE FINAL CHAPTER (1984) d: Joseph Zito WARNING: This post contains spoilers! I admit I am a huge Jason fan. The recent release of the CRYSTAL LAKE MEMORIES documentary was like finding gold to me. While it did not end up being Jason’s final chapter (though it was the last time Jason was actually scary) my all time favorite death of a killer, from any film, is in FRIDAY THE 13TH THE FINAL CHAPTER. After seeing THE PROWLER producers were eager to sign on director Joseph Zito to kill off the iconic Jason Voorhees. Having worked with Tom Savini on THE PROWLER where Savini did the make up effects, Zito […]