New Year And Stuff

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A little behind in updates but this has turned into the busiest January I think I’ve ever had. It’s a new year so I hope everyone is getting it off well. Despite these insanely cold days. I directed and shot the short film Nose Hair And Peanuts written by and starring Mike Pusateri whom I have known for several years. He was in my film Distortion plus we also did the the short film The Interrogation together as well. I’ll have some more details on that soon. I went to New York for two days for a work shoot. I hadn’t been there since I was a kid. There wasn’t enough time to see anything but I was able to go to the mother of all camera stores, B&H. How I wish Chicago had a store even remotely like it. We needed to pick up some lights and I was […]


Busy N’ Stuff

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Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been busy working which is great. However it does leave a few gaps in the posting department. A lot of stuff coming. News. Pictures. Video. Geekdom. And yes, I absolutely picked up the Star Wars Blu-rays. Haven’t been able to have my marathon yet so I am watching them when I can. Halfway through.


Birthday N’ Stuff

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So, last week was my birthday. I should have posted about it but luckily I was busy. Since it fell on a Wednesday this year it meant the possibility of working on a shoot was pretty good and indeed there was a shoot. Personally I was happy. I like that I’m working pretty regularly now. In this business that is a luxury believe me. I was able to spend the evening with a good buddy of mine and reminisce about old times. And I was bombarded with so many sweet and thoughtful birthday wishes on my Facebook wall. So many from people I don’t even know. So while uneventful on the one end it was actually quite perfect. Went to the Flashback Weekend convention recently. Expect a long overdo blog post on that coming. Plus updates on films, projects, movies, n’ stuff.