Who’s The G-Master Now

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As many people know I have been desiring (drooling?) 0ver the new Sony G-Master line of lenses since they were announced. As someone who uses both the Sony FS7 and Sony A7RII cameras using those lenses would be ideal. I’m a big believer that using native lenses is, in most cases, better though using other lenses with adapters is perfectly fine as I do that as well. But I personally prefer using lenses made for the cameras I use. When Sony went to full frame mirrorless their lens options were lacking in options. It took time to build a library of lenses as it would for any new mount. While there were some great lenses early on there were those of us that really wanted more professional lenses with low F-stops and great glass. Guess what? They listened. They started releasing their G series and now with their G-Master lenses […]