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George A. Romero – Thank You For Everything

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The day I hoped would never come has indeed come to be. The passing of one of the most influential people on my life, George A. Romero. When I started film school the teacher went around the room and asked everyone who inspired them the most to become filmmakers. At the time it was the in thing to say Martin Scorsese so most people said him and a few answers were interesting if not obvious. I was the standout because I said George Romero. I have a long list of filmmakers that have inspired me over the years but when it comes to the ones that literally shaped me that list is very short. Indeed a key name on that short list is George Romero. When I was really young I became fascinated by the film Creepshow. I found the graphic novel of it a couple months before the film […]


RIP Tony Scott

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Sad news on the death of film director Tony Scott. He was, in many ways, a very underrated director. As successful as he was I remember being a lonely voice when I was in film school of defending him as being a true director when others brandished him with being “too Hollywood”. The pseudo artist elitist attitude of film school always angered me. I proudly defended Tony Scott with so many great films under his belt. There are other places you can go to read the details of his death. I just want to take this moment to throw out some respect and admiration for all of the films he made and the TV shows he produced. He was a real Hollywood director and I mean that in the best possible sense. He was not second to his brother Ridley Scott. He had his own style. His own approach. One […]


Think Different

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I’m sure everyone has heard by now the passing of Apple founder and former CEO Steve Jobs. A true visionary and a genius. I don’t need to tell you everything that Apple has done. I had my first Apple computer in 1999 and never looked back. I tried having both an Apple and a Windows PC for a few years but eventually I just switched completely. My Mac’s have managed me to help build a career as a professional video editor. If it wasn’t for a video I made on iMovie back in 2000 then I wouldn’t have been offered my first opportunity to teach myself Final Cut Pro and become a professional editor. My favorite thing in the world is my iPod. Not just for regular music listening but also to help keep myself entertained and creative. As I write or imagine a film in my head I love […]