Happy Leap Year

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Since it only happens every four years I want to wish everyone a Happy Leap Year! I hope it is a great one for everyone. Why the picture of Red Vines licorice? Because it was a key conversation that my girlfriend and I had today which I loved. Have something you enjoy today.


Excitement/Disappointment Of New RED Camera Scarlet

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RED has, after three years, released their new camera the “Scarlet“. For those unaware, RED has become the major company in digital filmmaking cameras. Their Red One camera revolutionized the professional digital filmmaking market with several filmmakers shooting big budget Hollywood productions with it. Recently they released the Epic camera which is even more transforming in the resolution it can produce. Films like the now in production ‘The Hobbit’ are being shot on it. Many filmmakers of all stripes have been eagerly awaiting to shoot with a RED camera. These have been professional cameras which means that they are an expensive endeavor. The Red One brain (which is basically just the body of the camera) is around $25,000. The Epic is around $40,000 for the brain. Once you add on all of the add ons like recording options, lenses, monitors, etc., you are easily adding on tens of thousands of […]


Red Tails Trailer

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The first trailer to the new Lucasfilm production ‘Red Tails’ has been released. The first film George Lucas has made since the ‘Star Wars’ prequels. Although he didn’t direct it he did direct second unit and some reshoots to my understanding. He was very hands on and I know has wanted to make this film for a very long time. Also, a cool bit of trivia, Philip Bloom worked on some of the reshoots and convinced Lucasfilm to shoot some stuff with DSLR’s. If anyone can do that it’s going to be him. Here’s the trailer. I can’t wait!!


Frankly My Dear I Do Give A Damn

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I know this has been out for a few weeks but I still wanted to post it. A picture of the upcoming new RED camera the Scarlet. To say I am eagerly awaiting this camera is about the biggest understatement you can imagine.