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Happy 32nd Anniversary Creepshow

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Today, November 12th, celebrates the 32nd anniversary of one of my all time favorite films, George A. Romero’s Creepshow. Written by Stephen King and directed by George Romero and featuring an all star cast Creepshow features five “jolting tales of horror” inspired by the old E.C. comics like “Tales From The Crypt” and “The Vault Of Horror”. The film mixes the perfect blend of horror and comedy with portions (like the story “The Lonesome Death Of Jordy Verille”) mixing the perfect blend of camp in as well. When things turn to horror it doesn’t skimp whether it’s grossing us out with some amazing make up effects by Tom Savini or the actual terror of creeping corpses, cockroaches aplenty, or a monster in a crate that scared me so much every dark corner or unopened crate to this day inspires feelings of unease in me. Somehow I convinced my father to […]


Vague Ramblings Episode 5 – My Favorite Directors

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On this episode of Vague Ramblings I ramble on, in a vague manner, about my favorite directors. It is a long one but I put the text of each director when I get to them so you can scroll through it if you only want to see what I have to say about that particular one. Happy viewing!  


Why I Am A Collector

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I collect a lot of movie things. I love movies. Probably more than almost anything else. When you love something you like to surround yourself with it. When it comes to movies, posters tend to be one of the main things to collect next to the films themselves. They are the one thing associated with the advertising of a film that people remember so it’s the thing collectors, like myself, gravitate towards. Especially in the days before the internet when sometimes your knowledge of a film was limited to the advertising or what was written up in a magazine. As a kid when I would stand in the lobby of a movie theatre I would look at the poster of a movie that was “coming soon” and the more imaginative the poster the more it sparked not only my interest in the film but my own imagination as well. So […]


A Hidden Classic On TCM Tonight

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Tonight on Turner Classic Movies they are showing the William Wyler film Dodsworth from 1936. Starring Walter Huston, giving a truly amazing and touching performance, Ruth Chatterton, and Mary Astor, this is an often overlooked film. Having caught it on TCM one night (maybe 6 or 7 years ago) with host Robert Osborne saying it was one of his favorite films I knew I had to give it a chance. I am so happy I did because over the years the film has grown more important to me and is also becoming one of my personal favorites.¬† A film that in many ways was before its time. A look at marriage, growing older, losing and finding love, where we belong in life and where we think we belong. It is funny, dramatic, heartbreaking, and touching. Do yourself a favor and watch it. You may thank me for it. Then tell […]


Rain Time Tea Time

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I’m trying to do more fun experimental videos and exercises and today was a good example. It was raining pretty hard which was bumming me out. Instead of moping about it (anymore than I already was) I decided to grab my camera and shoot some of the rain in slow motion. Nothing fancy. I didn’t want to use my tripod or lights. Keep it as basic as possible. Just some cool slow motion shots at 240 fps (which caused the flicker on the indoor shots). I was making some tea at the time and as I went to the back door the tea pot was boiling so instantly I thought of a mini video. So within half an hour I shot everything in the video (plus a couple shots not used). Then edited it together and here it is. I admit it’s nothing amazing. It was just a short test […]

30 Day Movie Challenge Part 3 in 3D

30 Day Movie Challenge Part 3 In 3D – Day Three

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What is one of your favorite films from the 1930’s? DODSWORTH (1936) D: William Wyler While there are so many other great films from this decade to choose from I always like to take the opportunity to recommend William Wyler’s ‘Dodsworth’ because it’s one of those hidden gems. Walter Huston plays Sam Dodsworth who retires so he and his wife Fran (Ruth Chatterton) can travel and see the world. They start to struggle with where their life is and where it might be going and this leads to some very honest outlooks on life making the film so endearing and heartfelt. It’s one of those movies you are surprised you never heard of before you see it. Turner Classic Movies plays it from time to time and if you see it’s on be sure to catch it. You will thank me that you did. The more I see it the […]