From Star Wars To Jedi The Making Of A Saga

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On the Blu-ray of the ‘Star Wars’ films that was released last year there was an extra disc that included some of the older documentaries which I love. I remember them as a kid. There was one made for each film of the original trilogy with C-3PO and R2-D2 hosting the first. Mark Hamill hosting the second. Carrie Fischer the third. However, there was one that was made right after ‘Return Of The Jedi’ that was about making all three of the films. While the information might seem redundant after the inclusion of the three which concentrate on each individual film there is still stuff in it that is not in the others. Plus the nostalgia reason alone is enough to hopefully warrant the inclusion of ‘From Star Wars To Jedi The Making Of A Saga‘ on a future release. It’s a fan favorite and one that many of us […]

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Toughest Thing About Making A Movie

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I get asked a lot what I think the hardest part making a movie is especially in the one man way that I do. The answer is almost always – locations. Finding the right location is what I think the hardest thing to do. So many factors go into play there. There is the obvious creative decision to find a place that is what’s either in the script or at least works for the scene(s) you need to shoot. But then there is the technical parts to it as well. Is there power? Is there enough power? Is there enough room for everything you’re bringing into the location as far as people, lights, camera, gear, food, etc.? Is there a time issue? You may only have access to certain locations for a set amount of time. If it’s a business of some kind you might only have a few hours […]