30 Day Horror Movie Challenge – 22

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Day Twenty-Two – What is your favorite horror movie death scene? FRIDAY THE 13TH THE FINAL CHAPTER (1984) d: Joseph Zito I have to say that one of the most impressive deaths I’ve seen is Jason’s death in ‘Friday The 13th The Final Chapter’. Granted this was before they thought it was going to continue for many more sequels but at the time they wanted to make sure Jason was deader than dead. And Tom Savini returned to do the special effects as he did on the very first one. As Tommy tries to defend he and his sister from Jason he grabs Jason’s machete and whacks him in the head. This makes Jason fall to the ground onto the handle of the blade, which is still in his head, and he then slides down slicing his head open. Yes, there might be better or more creative ones out there […]


Apple Final Cut Pro X Released (Updated)

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Apple has finally released their new and revamped version of Final Cut Pro. As a long time user of it (going back to version 1.o) I have been looking forward to this for some time. Now the main issue with this version is that it was built from the bottom up. This is not an upgrade to previous versions. It’s an all new version. They talked to a lot of professional editors to know what they wanted in an editing program. Let’s hope it worked. As with most things Apple it’s wise not to jump in from the get go. It’s best to wait a bit. See what others think. With their new gadgets always wait for version 2. With software wait until there is an update. In this case I’d wait for version X.1. Which will probably be out in a few months. I must say though after checking […]