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12 Films That Have Stayed With Me

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On Facebook we tend to get tagged in different things. Luckily I have my settings set to not automatically post something if I’m tagged in it. It saves me the trouble of having to clear out my own page’s wall of free Oakley sunglasses, earn thousands of dollars shopping, or the never ending crowdfunding posts from actors and filmmakers I don’t even know. On occasion some cool posts from friends come along as in this case. My friend Bob got tagged in a post to list the “12 films that stayed with you” which he in turn tagged me to do one as well. Any film list is always a joy and a hardship. Hardship because I tend to put way too much thought into it. One of the rules is not to put too much thought into it which I disobeyed immediately. When I say disobeyed I’m not being […]