Halloween Horror Movie Challenge

Halloween Horror Movie Challenge Day Twenty-Five And Happy Halloween

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Happy Halloween everyone!! I hope everyone has a great and fun one whether you’re going out or staying in watching movies. So many options. Though I do have one I always watch. Hence, the last post for the Halloween Horror Movie Challenge. Day Twenty-Five – What is a horror movie you watch every Halloween? HALLOWEEN (1978) d: John Carpenter This one may be on the nose and even obvious but it is my yearly tradition. Every Halloween for the last 14 years (sporadic before that but almost for even ten years prior to that) I watch John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN. I always end the night with it. So I start watching it between 11pm and midnight so it rings out the holiday for me. For the record there was one year in the last 14 that I didn’t watch it but only because I got to see it on the big […]