Happy 35th Anniversary Pac-Man

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The rise of the arcade boom in the early 80’s began thanks to a game that initially no one was really overly excited about. So the game no one at the company thought would do much ended up turning the arcade into an event and brought video games into the mainstream. It’s hard to explain to people who weren’t there just how huge Pac-Man was when it came out. They were everywhere and there was always someone playing it if not a line of people waiting. It was truly an event. As a young kid I was fascinated by it and no doubt is what began my lifelong love of video games. Pac-Man was also the the first game that started merchandising tie-ins. Everything you can think of had Pac-Man on it. I had a few things (including Pac-Man bedsheets!) and it was really fun to see it. I used […]


No More G4TV

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Apparently, I’m late to the news desk but G4, the channel that mainly covered video games, is changing into a different kind of network with a much less, if any, emphasis on gaming. I think the reason why I’m late on this is because I actually haven’t watched the channel in years. I watched it all the time when it first came on in 2002. It was a very low budget network but they tried their best to put on the best shows so it was filled with energy and enthusiasm. One of my favorite shows was called Icons and it was like a biography show on different aspects of gaming whether it was a specific game or a game designer or even a period in gaming history. When the channel revamped and became what it eventually became shows like this were gone. I was afraid for good. Luckily, some […]