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I’m sure everyone has heard by now the passing of Apple founder and former CEO Steve Jobs. A true visionary and a genius. I don’t need to tell you everything that Apple has done. I had my first Apple computer in 1999 and never looked back. I tried having both an Apple and a Windows PC for a few years but eventually I just switched completely. My Mac’s have managed me to help build a career as a professional video editor. If it wasn’t for a video I made on iMovie back in 2000 then I wouldn’t have been offered my first opportunity to teach myself Final Cut Pro and become a professional editor. My favorite thing in the world is my iPod. Not just for regular music listening but also to help keep myself entertained and creative. As I write or imagine a film in my head I love […]


Apple Final Cut Pro X Released (Updated)

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Apple has finally released their new and revamped version of Final Cut Pro. As a long time user of it (going back to version 1.o) I have been looking forward to this for some time. Now the main issue with this version is that it was built from the bottom up. This is not an upgrade to previous versions. It’s an all new version. They talked to a lot of professional editors to know what they wanted in an editing program. Let’s hope it worked. As with most things Apple it’s wise not to jump in from the get go. It’s best to wait a bit. See what others think. With their new gadgets always wait for version 2. With software wait until there is an update. In this case I’d wait for version X.1. Which will probably be out in a few months. I must say though after checking […]