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Remembering Roger Ebert and Siskel And Ebert

Growing up the young film buff that I was it wasn’t easy finding information on movies. Before the internet you couldn’t find anything with a few simple key strokes but instead your source was the books available in the film … Continue reading

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Restoring Colonel Blimp

I absolutely love hearing about films being restored. I am fascinated by the process and giving new life to old films so they aren’t lost or forgotten. Here Martin Scorsese talks about the restoration of ‘The Life And Death Of … Continue reading

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Indiana Jones And The Search For IMAX And Blu-ray

Last week I was lucky enough to catch one of my favorite films on the big screen. And I mean really big screen as in IMAX. On the heels of the blu-ray release there was a limited run in IMAX … Continue reading

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Jaws Restored And Coming To Blu-ray

I’m sure everyone knows by now that ‘Jaws‘ is being restored and finally getting released on Blu-ray on August 14th. One of my favorite films and one I have been waiting to come out on Blu-ray for a long time. … Continue reading

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Early Video Games And Arcades

I have a fascination with the birth of the video game and the arcade. I think because I was around for part of it (even though I was a wee one), mainly the early 80’s arcade boom and the Atari … Continue reading

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