Star Wars: Why It Is Personal

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I’ve often written of my love of Star Wars. If you’ve known me for longer than 5 minutes then you know this about me. The original 1977 film changed my life. Star Wars is a very personal thing for me but I know no one really knows fully why so I figured it was time I said. When I was 3 going on 4 I saw Star Wars in the theatre and it was the first time I became fully aware of the moving image. I immediately became invested in what was happening on the screen. The profound images of a galaxy far, far away with characters and visuals unlike anything I could imagine. In those moments I fell in love with movies and with visual storytelling. Everything was different for me. I became much more interested when I watched other movies or even TV shows on television. The way […]


Countdown To Star Wars Blu-rays 6

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Here is a post I did back when I finished my film ‘Distortion’. It shows how deep the meaning of these films runs with me. It wasn’t just a movie but something that inspired, and indeed changed, a young boy forever. —- February 10, 2010 It took a lot longer than I expected but the day has come. The DVD of ‘Distortion’ has been mailed out to the Cannes Film Festival and to the LA Film Festival. Not really sure of my chances but it marks the end of one thing and the start of another. Unlike the Sundance submission the film is basically done. A few things I still need to tweak but the film these festivals are receiving is the film I made. The version I sent to Sundance was still rough and had some missing things. This version is what it is. While I am still working […]