Bottlecap Trailer

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I have to admit that a lot of times when I see a trailer for an independent dramatic film it sort of looks like this to me.  


Side By Side Trailer

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A new documentary I really want to see is ‘Side By Side‘ about the filmmaking process between shooting on film and shooting in digital. I find the ongoing debate fascinating. I’ve never understood the animosity between the two as it’s a tool and how it’s utilized is what matters. However, I do love seeing directors talk about it and their opinions on the matter and the lineup of directors in this is just amazing ranging from Martin Scorsese, George Lucas, James Cameron, Christopher Nolan, David Lynch, to name but a few. I wish this was showing in Chicago but luckily it will be on Video On Demand as of August 22nd. I can’t wait! Official Website: http://sidebysidethemovie.com/ *Images in this post from the film ‘Side By Side’ are Copyright 2012 Company Films LLC all rights reserved.

Dark Light

One week …

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I am officially one week away from starting production on my second feature ‘Dark Light’. An action thriller. It has taken over a year to get to this point and I am really excited and nervous. I originally wanted to make a much simpler film than my first film ‘Distortion’. However, I wanted to do something in a different genre. ‘Distortion’ is a horror film. ‘Dark Light’ is an action film. My two favorite genre’s as a filmmaker. I love all kinds of movies but the two that I say I’d want to make as a director would be ones within those genres. I wouldn’t mind getting pigeonholed there. Very quickly this film turned into a much bigger film than I had originally anticipated. As much as at times I do regret that I am also fueled by the challenge. Filmmaking is not easy. And if it is then you’re […]