More Pick Ups Videos

A few recent videos on my YouTube channel Vague Ramblings featuring some very cool additions to the collection (the always growing movie collection) plus an amazing Jason statue.

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‘Ella Gets A Promotion?’ Plays All Over The World at Manhattan Shorts Film Festival


Our film Ella Gets A Promotion? is lucky to have been picked as one of only ten films to play as part of the Manhattan Short Film Festival. It was also the only film picked from the U.S. To call this an honor is an understatement. It is simply amazing. The films are shown in over 250 theatres all over the world. Literally all over the world where the audience members vote on their favorite.

Both Mike and I were able to attend the Friday night showing in Chicago at the Wilmette Theatre which was really great. The audience members varied in every way and Mike was able to introduce the film and the festival before it began. I didn’t know much about the other films so it was also great for me to see them. The festival did good (not just by picking our film) because all of the films were really amazing.

I don’t think I realized the full impact initially. Watching all of the other films I was so impressed by them and to see that our little film was with these made it all the more special. As I watched the credits for the films I saw that they all had a decent sized crew. We basically had Mike directing the actors, a PA who helped with a few things, and then me directing the technical which included the camera, doing the lighting, and the audio. We had three crew members basically and our budget was minimal. This made the fact that ours was chosen all the more incredible.

The next day I was seeing all of these photos from around the world of people at different theatres watching the films. For the first time the global aspect hit me. This was very humbling.

Thank you again to the Manhattan Short Film Festival for this honor and to everyone who went out to the theatres, wherever you are, to watch these films. I’m sure I speak for all of the filmmakers when I say it means the world to us.


Mike Pusateri and Richard Diaz in front of the Wilmette Theatre after the Manhattan Short Film Festival with our film ‘Ella Gets A Promotion?’.

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Vague Ramblings – Pick Ups #2

New episode of Vague Ramblings featuring the new(er) segment Pick Ups.

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Ella Gets Into The Manhattan Short Film Festival


I am proud to announce that Ella Gets A Promotion? will be showing at the Manhattan Short Film Festival. It will be shown around the world(!) in a multi-theatre stream. Just amazing!

Details are coming on all of the festivals Ella Gets A Promotion? will be showing at. Great to see our little film doing so well.


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Vague Ramblings – More Episodes Including Flashback Weekend And Pick Ups

Some new Vague Ramblings episodes added lately including a new thing I’m adding to the channel called “Pick Ups” (or #VRPickUps which I’ll use on social media) which will be about recent picks up with movies, games, posters, or anything that falls into my possession.

Plus there is one on my yearly visit to Flashback Weekend.

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Ella Gets Into Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles

DTLA FF Laurels - WHITE Outline

I am so excited to announce that the short film I made with Mike Pusateri, Ella Gets A Promotion?, got accepted into the Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles.


We are all so proud of the film we made and it’s great to see it getting accepted. There is more news coming for this film. You hope that when you make a film, even a short film, that it gets seen in front of an audience and luckily this film will be.

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My New Feature Film Plus Updates

First off today is my birthday so I figured it was a good time to announce some things.

My two latest short films have been submitted to a lot of festivals all over the world. In fact, earlier this evening I submitted to three more festivals. Fingers crossed!

I created a poster for my short film No Witness which was added to the IMDb listing but is also now making it’s official debut below.


Outside of a very few people no one knows much about the new feature film. I can finally announce that the new film is called Killer Talk.

Now, if you’ve known me for a few years you may be thinking that sounds familiar. Indeed it is. I came up with the original story about 7 years ago. At the time I had debated making it my next film after Distortion but then things change. I would say for the better.

The story itself needed to sit with me for awhile. As is the case with many stories I come up with they tend to gestate for several years before I ever put pen to paper. More accurately, fingers to keyboard. This story needed more time. Plus there were two elements missing from it. Elements I couldn’t put my finger on. As the years moved on and technology changed the whole idea of the story evolved and it fit even better with a more modern concept. It is weird to think that much had changed in our lives within 7 years but indeed they had. One key thing also changed. I really wrestled over it for a very long time until I just went with my gut and made a call on it and once I did then it was like this whole other element unraveled itself like a flower that finally received sunlight.

Killer Talk is indeed a thriller/horror film. Even better, it’s a supernatural horror film. An element that took the story from being interesting to being exciting. It also involves a lot more as you have to then set your rules for why things happen in order for them to be believable. It is also a much darker film than I’ve ever made before. However, it also has characters that I feel are very likable.

On the technical front, this will be my first 4K film. I have done one project in 4K (more on that soon) but this will be my first 4K narrative film. That is a big deal for me as I have wanted to make a 4K film forever. I just needed technology to catch up.

This will also be my first crowdfunded film. At least to a certain degree. I don’t know how much we will raise for it. I have to assume none because I want the film to be made no matter what. I am investing as much as I possibly can into it. Not just financially but also time and equipment. I’ve turned down some job opportunities so that I could make sure I had the time to make the film. The crowdfunding details will be posted soon. Just finalizing some details before it gets put online.

The film will be made in and around Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I intend to make use of as many opportunities that open up with how to utilize the areas. Plus since it’s all new to me, since I’m from Chicago, I tend to look at everything there with a new eye so I hope the way I want to film places there will seem fresh.

My intentions with the film is to make something new, exciting, thrilling, scary, and most importantly, entertaining. Going down this road is a scary one. For me, I have a lot to lose on several levels so the gamble is high. Though if you never take the chance then you’ll never know.

We are coming up with ways to have regular updates plus possibly have one of the perks of the crowdfunding be special updates and behind the scenes that only they see. Again, still working on everything.


A test shot for the look of Killer Talk. Aiming for a very dark film noir look.

Normally I would say the journey is beginning but the journey began a long time ago. Since I haven’t been talking much about the film it can seem like nothing has been going on but it is on my mind every single day and has been for the last year and a half since I decided to move forward with it. I have been working on it every chance I get.

As my birthday comes to a close this year I just want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me. With the announcement becoming official it now moves the project closer to a reality.

Killer Talk is my new feature film.

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