IMDb LISTING – My listing on the Internet Movie Database.

TWITTER – Official Twitter but be warned harsh language on occasion but mainly vague ramblings.

FACEBOOK – My Facebook page. More vague ramblings.

INSTAGRAM – Where I post pictures of my vague ramblings.

TUMBLR – My Tumblr page. Where I repost other people’s vague ramblings.


DARK LIGHT – Official website for my new feature film ‘Dark Light’.

DISTORTION – Official website for my feature film ‘Distortion’.

DARK LIGHT BLOG – Blog covering the production of ‘Dark Light’.

DISTORTION BLOG – Blog covering the production of ‘Distortion’.

DARK LIGHT FACBOOK PAGE – Facebook page for ‘Dark Light’. Be sure to “Like” it.

DISTORTION FACEBOOK PAGE – Facebook page for ‘Distortion’. Be sure to “Like” it.

DARK LIGHT TWITTER – Official Twitter of ‘Dark Light’ featuring updates and news.

DISTORTION TWITTER – Official Twitter of ‘Distortion’ featuring updates.


WALKING SHADOWS PRODUCTIONS, INC – The company I work with for all of my media work. Hire us.

HORROR SOCIETY – The place for all of your indie horror needs. Plus it’s run by some of the best people I know.

DENEEN MELODY – Website for actress and model and friend Deneen Melody.

HEATHER DORFF – Website for actress and model and friend Heather Dorff.

MIKE PUSATERI – Website for actor and friend Mike Pusateri.

JESSI TETZLOFF – Website for amazing photographer Jessi Tetzloff.

PHILIP BLOOM – One of the best digital cinematographers and independent filmmakers.

WESTERN X – Website for the supernatural western web series from filmmaker Michael Flores.

SELF DEFENSE CENTERS – Where I study Kenpo Karate. Cannot recommend it enough.

… more coming soon.


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