Rain Time Tea Time

I’m trying to do more fun experimental videos and exercises and today was a good example. It was raining pretty hard which was bumming me out. Instead of moping about it (anymore than I already was) I decided to grab my camera and shoot some of the rain in slow motion. Nothing fancy. I didn’t want to use my tripod or lights. Keep it as basic as possible. Just some cool slow motion shots at 240 fps (which caused the flicker on the indoor shots). I was making some tea at the time and as I went to the back door the tea pot was boiling so instantly I thought of a mini video. So within half an hour I shot everything in the video (plus a couple shots not used). Then edited it together and here it is. I admit it’s nothing amazing. It was just a short test which I want to do more of. Just shoot more. Not for experience since I have plenty but moreso just to keep my creative juices flowing.

Instead of letting the rain get me down I decided to do something positive and at the end of the day I have a little video to show for it.

  • Camera: Sony FS700
  • Lens: 18-200mm Sony NEX Zoom, 30mm Sony NEX Macro
  • Edited in Adobe Premiere

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