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George Romero Film Trip

Some friends and I decided to make a trip to Pittsburgh and go check out some locations used in various George A. Romero (one of my idols) films. The main one being the Monroeville Mall where ‘Dawn Of The Dead‘ was made. A lot of these locations are changing so I wanted to see them before most of the recognizable things were gone.

Going from Chicago to Pittsburgh is a good 8 hours so the drive was long but once we got there it was hard to hold in the excitement.

We stayed at a hotel about 15 minutes from the mall.


My room for the weekend.


Saturday was mainly the mall. So most of the day was spent at the Monroeville Mall. I tried finding screenshots to try and match up as best I could some of the places.

We parked by Macy’s.


And under the famous number 30 light post.



Screenshot from the film and a sort of similar shot I took.


Me being geeky excited.



One of the entrances which luckily still looks the same as it did in the movie.

DSC01939 DSC01935

Screen shot of the “fat zombie” against the glass.

Me replicating it.


While slightly hidden there is a wall stating the film was shot there.

DSC02063 DSC02075

Do they take requests? Can you please play The Gonk?


To some it is just the local mall. To us it is a film icon.



The infamous bridge.



Hard to tell from the picture but that goldfish was a good 20 inches long.


The escalator which confused many zombies.

DSC01965 DSC01966

The clock tower is long gone but the area still looks pretty much the same.



The ice rink is now a food court.


I recognized the wall behind him as soon as we got there.

DSC01929 DSC02213

The hallway that leads to their hideout has changed a lot but it’s still cool to be there.


The door that leads to the boiler room which leads, in the film, to their hidden apartment.


The hallway just inside the door. Employees only but I had to open it to see.


We also went to the airfield where they land looking for gas in the film. It’s gated off but you can still see the area where the helicopter lands and where the house is.


DSC02262 DSC02268

What has become known as the “redneck house” which is seen below from the film is just down the street from the airfield.

DSC02270 DSC02293

Sunday was cemetery day as we went to the Evans City Cemetery where the opening to the original ‘Night Of The Living Dead‘ was filmed.

This was played as we approached.

DSC02309 DSC02351

A fan goes and leaves a replica of the original cross that Johnny leaves at the grave in the film. Luckily it was there when we went.


We found the spot where the first zombie in the film is seen and tried to replicate it.


The headstone that Barbra cowers behind as her brother struggles with the zombie.


Me doing her reaction.

DSC02374The headstone where Johnny gets his head bashed against.


And me hamming it up.


While it is being renovated the original chapel is still there.




Not too far from the cemetery is the town where ‘The Crazies‘ was filmed. The town has changed so much but the post office still looks the same.


Next up we drove to the West Middletown Cemetery where the opening of the ‘Night Of The Living Dead‘ remake was shot.



The cemetery zombie and me mimicking the shot.


We did our own version of this shot.



Down the road is the house where they hide out in. We couldn’t get too close but from a side road I got some shots of it. Still looks the same.

DSC02644 DSC02655

I was so excited that there were some things from ‘Creepshow‘ we could see.

By the ‘Dawn Of The Dead’ airfield is the house that was used for the opening and closing scenes in ‘Creepshow’.


We drove by the house that was used as Henry and Wilma’s house in ‘The Crate’ story.


Also from ‘The Crate’ is this building at Carnegie Mellon which in the film is called Amberson Hall.



Finally we drove by where the Latent Image office used to be. They were the production company that everyone worked at for the longest time plus produced ‘Night Of The Living Dead’. The basement in ‘Night Of The Living Dead’ was actually the basement here.

DSC02737 DSC02744 DSC02754 DSC02755

And finally, we did a mock up at the mall of this great behind the scenes photo of the ‘Dawn Of The Dead’ cast sitting between takes.


In some ways it is surreal to see these locations. They are images that are so burned into my mind since I was a kid. I’m hoping to go back and even try and see other places. Maybe even do another road trip to other cities where films I loved were filmed. Maybe I can even start in my own backyard. I think a few films were made in Chicago. Unfortunately none as meaningful to me personally as ‘Dawn Of The Dead’.




Some ‘Dawn Of The Dead’ screencaps from Summerskin.


*I’ve had a lot of people message me since I posted this asking where different places are. My friends and I used this map (click here) as our main source for locations. I hope this helps and have fun checking them out.

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