When There Is No More Room In Hell … I Go To The Mall

This month seems to be all about my top three favorite films. It started with May 4th which has become national Star Wars Day (May The Fourth Be With You). In the middle of the month I saw for the first time a really amazing documentary on TV on the making of ‘The Godfather’. The month ends with my friends and I taking a trip to Pittsburgh to visit the Monroeville Mall. Also known to fans all over as the ‘Dawn Of The Dead’ mall. Granted it may just be a regular mall to most people (and it is) but to horror fans over the world it was the setting to arguably one of the greatest horror films (and in my opinion greatest films in general) ever made.

I will be in half professional mode as I am packing up my photography gear so I can photograph the mall and other locations in the best way I can. But no doubt about it I will be in full film geek mode this weekend. Something so iconic, like the stairs leading down to M Street in Georgetown which was made famous in ‘The Exorcist’, or even the Empire State Building with the image of King Kong fighting off planes atop of it, the Monroeville Mall holds a very special place for me and while overall it may just be a mall I know as I photograph the overhead glass ceiling I’ll hear “The Gonk” play in my head. Shoppers will pass by doing their Saturday shopping while I will relive a childhood memory. One that I will keep for the rest of my life.

I’ll post pictures when I get back.

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