May The 4th Be With You

For anyone that knows me it is no secret my love of, and indeed geek love of, all things Star Wars. When I was 3 going on 4 my parents took me to see ‘Star Wars‘ and while they may have thought it was just something to do that day with my sister and I they had no idea how much it changed their son forever.

When the Rebel Blockade Runner (Alderaan Cruiser) shot across the screen and then followed by that enormous Star Destroyer coming overhead I was no longer the same. Immediately I fell in love with the moving image. I watched movies differently. I watched television differently. I played with my toys differently. My eye became the camera. I would hold toys close to my eye to mimic close up shots and far away for wide shots. Eventually setting up my own movies in my head with my action figures being my actors. Stories that would span over an hour to two as I created my own live action movie. Eventually I learned that what I was doing, in essence, was directing. I became obsessed with movies, directors, filmmaking. At a time before the internet when you had to seek out any magazine, book, or occasional TV special you cherished it like it was some found gem. My love of movies was born. My desire to make movies was born. My dream was born.

At the heart of all that is Star Wars. I became engulfed in the universe where it was almost like a second home. An always welcomed escape. An ongoing source of creative inspiration. When something changes your life it is hard not to have it be a part of you. In fact, one defining scene from any movie that relates best to me is the scene from the original ‘Star Wars’ where Luke looks out on the setting suns dreaming of a life that seems so far away from where he is at that moment but he still dreams of it hoping to get there. It’s also the scene that when they played the music when I saw Star Wars In Concert brought me unexpectedly to tears.

With the release of the prequels (which I love so go hate on them somewhere else) and the TV shows and the upcoming films Star Wars is alive and well. Even without these things though it will always be because that little boy is still alive and well and still inspired by Star Wars all these years later.

May The 4th Be With You!

A few extras for today. The first is the very first Special Edition trailer released in 1996 for the 1997 release. Back in the days when watching stuff on the internet was not possible with dial up connections the only way to see it was to go to the theatre. I remember the first time seeing it on opening night of ‘Independence Day‘. I sat in one of the few, at the time, THX certified theatres, McClurg Court in downtown Chicago, with a really large screen. When it started the whole theatre exploded in applause. When it ended it exploded in applause again. It was one of those fan moments you remember. So here is that trailer which I still love.

And because I love the prequels too here is the music video for the amazing “Battle Of The Heroes” for ‘Star Wars Episode III Revenge Of The Sith‘ by John Williams.

And finally, one of the best documentaries made on the original trilogy (which was absent from the Blu-ray release unfortunately) is Empire Of Dreams.

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