Retooling A Bit

My Sony NEX-FS700 on a shoot doing interviews.

A bit of retooling is going on for me. When I got my new camera I saw the opportunities I didn’t have before. I also felt that part of my process lent itself to an older way of doing things. I’m going to start presenting myself as someone who can do a lot with very little. I don’t mean that in a negative sense but in that I can show up without a large truck of equipment but a small cart of bags of gear to give people a video that will look like I did. Any future gear purchases will also lend itself towards this. My new motto is:

“I bring a lot to the table without bringing a lot into the room.”

I’ll post about the specific gear changes as they happen. Though with money really tight after the camera purchase it might be slow. heh

On the creative front I am planning to do the first short film soon. It might be more experimental but a lot of fun and it’s exciting to do them again. Plus I’m starting a new mini-documentary string of shorts which I will explain soon. Plus the photography project is underway and I’ll be posting those in a bit.

On the fun side of things I will be doing a new 30 day movie challenge soon as well. Those are always a lot of fun.

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