New Year New Things New Ideas

A late post I know. So, Happy New Year everyone! I know. By this point who cares. However, a new year began and while I don’t determine things based on the change of a calendar I do take the opportunity to start new things if needed. This year many areas of my life needed something new. One key area was to get a new camera. This was long overdo and had been in the works for a long time. I decided to pull the video trigger and go ahead and get the camera I had been eyeing. After much (and I do mean MUCH) research and deciding what worked for my needs I decided to go with the Sony NEX FS700. My first real interchangeable lens video camera.


While I will invest in really good lenses over time (as they are quite expensive) I did go with glass I can afford. Keeping with the camera I stayed with the Sony NEX lenses. I am extremely happy with them and they are allowing me the creative options I want. The limitations they may have I can work around but I am loving it.


I still am running all kinds of tests with the camera and taking the process from beginning to end so I feel comfortable with it. One of the many amazing features of the camera is its ability to shoot up to 240 frames per second in full 1080p HD. Most cameras in the same range can shoot only up to 60 fps. While it’s not usable the camera can shoot up to 960 fps(!) but with a lack of image quality and image crop. So it’s more of a novelty. However, it is really beautiful at 240 fps.

Below is a clip of me testing the slow motion. You can see the degradation of the image in 960 fps. But seeing fire in slow motion is cool no matter what.

Aside from the video camera I also got a new still camera. Keeping in line with my FS700 I got the Sony NEX 5R still camera which uses the same lenses. So I can bounce back and forth between the two. I absolutely love the camera. My still photography is more hobby based so it’s a plus that I can use the same lenses. And for some reason I have always loved Macro lens shots. I don’t know why. I just always have and I finally have one so I am shooting a ton with it.


One side hobby project is taking pictures of things that might seem mundane or silly but making them dramatic. I saw a while back a photographer who took pictures of his Lego’s in dramatic ways and I loved them. Being a Lego fan (yes, I know I’m an adult) I have wanted to do that for a long time. So below marks my first test shot using my Star Wars Legos of Senator Palpatine in his office mimicking a scenes from ‘Star Wars Episode III Revenge Of The Sith’.


A few friends have known for a long time that my goal after I bought a new camera was to make some short films. Now with the camera finally purchased I am moving ahead on ideas. More information will be coming. But this does mark the official announcement on my part for it. Very exciting for me!

So the new year has started and things are rolling along. New projects in the works, new camera, and more. Let the creativity flow in 2013.

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