Beef Stroganoff

Another recipe because cooking is awesome. Here’s a meal you can make pretty quickly and relatively inexpensively. There are several different versions out there but this is my recipe for Beef Stroganoff.

Things you’ll need:

Sirloin Strips
Egg Noodles
Red Wine
Sour Cream
Salt (optional)
Pepper (optional)

So first you’re going to figure out how many people you’re feeding. I was cooking for three adults which is why there is quite a bit. You usually estimate about 1/2 pound of sirloin strips per person. Unless you love beef. Like me. So I have two pounds of sirloin strips total. But on average 1/2 pound per person is plenty.

Take some red wine, and this is for cooking purposes so you don’t need to use good wine like I did, and pour some over the meat in a large bowl. Not a lot of wine. Just enough so that you can stir in the meat so it’s all marinated in it. Then take some (ideally) fresh ground ginger and put some over it and stir it in. Now just let it sit for awhile occasionally stirring it.

Once it has sat long enough (at least an hour but even 20 minutes is good) it’s time to get cooking.

Take your onion and cut it up into small pieces. This again depends on how much you’re cooking and basically how much you love onion. You can estimate about a third of a cup per person. But if you love onion then by all means cut away.

Next you take either butter, margarine, or oil and put/pour it into a pan. It’s which ever you prefer. I am a margarine guy so that is what I use but it doesn’t matter.

Once the butter/margarine/oil is ready add your onion to cook. Now this also depends on how you like your onion. You can cook it for a minute or two or really cook it if you want more of a grilled onion. For this I tend to like mine pretty cooked and less raw.

Once your onion is where you want it then add the meat and mix it together. You’re going to cook it uncovered to avoid too much liquid building up. You can add the salt and pepper to the meat at this point. This depends on how much you want of either. Be mindful not to add too much. And if you use butter or margarine also know that those contain salt so you may not need too much. A pinch might be all you need. Again, these are optional though.

Around this time you can also get your water going for the egg noodles.

With the egg noodles it comes down to which ever kind you like. They don’t have to be anything fancy.

Once the meat is cooked you’re going to want to turn the heat up and try and evaporate the excess liquid a little. But not for too long. Sirloin strips are very thin so they cook quickly and they can get very chewy if you over cook them. So just do what you can in a minute or two to cook away the excess liquid.

This is where the flour comes into play. You’ll add a little bit of flour to the liquid to thicken it. Keep some heat on and add the flour.

Not too much flour because it does affect the flavor. Do a little bit at a time until you see it thicken but give it a chance to mix in before you decide to add more. The heat will make it work faster.

Once it’s worked in you’ll notice it has a nice thick consistency.

Now for the last step. Add sour cream. Again, whatever kind you want but make sure it is regular sour cream and not a non-fat kind or anything since you’re cooking with it.

This is something you’ll have to sort of figure out yourself. You want to now turn your thick stock into a creamy one. For the two pounds of meat I have I ended up using about half of this container. But a good spoonful per person might be a good estimate to start with.

Looks like The Stuff from the Larry Cohen movie 'The Stuff'.

Get it in there and mix it all together.

And your Beef Stroganoff is done.

Get your egg noodles ready. These cook pretty quickly too so don’t cook them too early. You want to try and time it out so both are ready at the same time.

Serve and enjoy! Most people lay the egg noodles down and pour the Beef Stroganoff over it. I separate the two because I’m odd. Feel free to psycho analyze me around that.

There you go. I made this one in just over half an hour. Outside of allowing some time for the meat to marinate this is a very quick meal to make. And a very good one to enjoy. And despite the meat, sour cream, and noodles, not a heavy or fattening meal. Enjoy!

Remember, knowing how to cook makes you better than everyone else.

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