Happy Work

I am lucky enough to work in a field that is at least close enough to what I want to do for a living so I’m not pulling out my hair. I’ve done the office job. Had my cubicle and fancy title (Vendor Logistics Manager). While the job security was nice the fact was it sucked everything out of me. You keep telling yourself that the moment you get home you’ll work on that script, prep for that movie, but you never do. You get home and you are just too tired to do anything. You want to just do nothing. So when I took the chance to turn my life around it was very problematic as it cost me not months but years of financial security and have been living the life of a poor starving artist. I invested in myself by buying my own gear. I have put myself into massive debt and while it took ten years it is finally paying off. Now while money was nothing but a major issue and have dug a hole for myself in that time I wouldn’t trade it for the comfort of a weekly paycheck. While I built up myself as a professional videographer and editor I also made short films and a feature film and am about to start a second. That’s something I wouldn’t trade.

One thing I enjoy is having a good client. I have had my fair share of clients over the years that made things unnecessarily hard. I can deal with demanding but there were some that you just couldn’t deal with and it never helped the project at hand. Currently I am lucky to have be working with two clients that are a joy to deal with and surrounded by good people. The advantage to this is you want to go that extra mile for them. You want the project to be even better than you already know you can make it.

I don’t want to name them at this time for the sake of privacy but I consider myself lucky. The last two days I was doing interviews, getting B-Roll, and covering an event. While exhausting on one end I never once complain. I’m ready for more.

Here are a few non-specific frame grabs.

Part of a very amazing ice sculpture. I will post the full picture later.
I thought this was cool. They had people with information on iPads to show people future plans.
Candles light up the night for the post event dessert party.

All of my media work is done for and through Walking Shadows Productions, Inc. Hire us. We are that good.

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