Upcoming Video Copilot Tutorial

One of my favorite websites is Andrew Kramer creates some amazing tutorials on doing very cool things in After Effects. A lot of times tutorials are based around doing graphics that are kind of boring. But if you are creating something really cool then even the most difficult and time consuming tutorial is fun because the end result is something you actually want to create. That is where Andrew Kramer, in my opinion, succeeds far and beyond anywhere else. The best part? His tutorials are free! If you do wish to dish out some money you can purchase some of the amazing plug-ins. I have almost all of them and I can say they are literally incredible and helpful in so many projects.

I don’t get anything out of this. I know it sounds like I’m selling the site but I am just a fan. And there is an upcoming tutorial that looks like it’ll be fun. There is a new video on the blog as to what it’ll be. Can’t wait!

Love the name of the airline. heh

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