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30 Day Horror Movie Challenge – 16

Day Sixteen – What is a horror movie with a great soundtrack?

HALLOWEEN (1978) d: John Carpenter

I debated a little over which way to go with this one. Do I go more with a song based soundtrack or a score. But I decided to go with one of my favorite horror film scores ever and one that is so undeniable in its effectiveness that I couldn’t go anywhere else. My pick is without a doubt John Carpenter’s amazing score to ‘Halloween’.

The story of the score is sort of infamous but John Carpenter had shot and edited ‘Halloween’ and while trying to get more directing gigs he showed the film, before it had music or sound effects, to a representative from one of the studios. He noticed she wasn’t scared or anything. Unsure what to do he felt compelled to save the film with the music. With a musical background, and also having done the music for his two previous films, ‘Dark Star‘ and ‘Assault On Precinct 13‘, director John Carpenter sat down in front some synthesizers and proceeded to create one of the most amazing pieces of horror film music ever. He ran into the same woman many months later who had seen the film in theatres and said how terrifying the film was from when she saw it originally. All he did was add the music.

On a side note, this post is also rather fitting because this past weekend I finally got to see ‘Halloween’ on the big screen at the “Music Box Massacre 7”, a 24 hour horror movie marathon that I go to every October at The Music Box Theatre. Consider me one very happy fan!

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