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YouTube Channel Re-Launch Is Underway


For the longest time I have been debating re-launching my YouTube channel, which I call “Vague Ramblings”, and turn it more into a full time venue. I know a few people who make a living being content creators and the fact is I have always loved making videos for it and between other projects there can be a lot of downtime which also means no means of income. Why not do both? Create content and (hopefully) make a living at it? So I put a lot of thought into it and decided it’s the way to go.

Unfortunately the move happened around the time I was planning to re-launch the channel. That move turned into a bit of a nightmare with so many issues dealing with the moving company, buying/selling, and even hurricane Harvey. Even as the dust settled there were other issues that kept pushing back the time frame I wanted. I didn’t want to start doing videos like I did before. One or two a month basically. I wanted to do several a week. And at some point almost daily.

For some of what I’m doing I need to be able to make videos quickly. One of the many aspects I’m handling is talking about Blu-ray announcements of films from some of the independent labels which can sometimes be hard to keep track of since they tend to be titles not on the shelf at your local store. And sometimes not even available anywhere outside of the companies own website. It’s fun but can be hard to keep track of everything. And with news breaking regularly it does mean I need to be able to turn around a video quicker than I used to. Even simple videos used to take between 5 to 6 hours on average from start to finish. Granted I used to “produce” them better. That has been my concern. Though as I have found that isn’t as important.

My older videos had a specific look. That’s because they were filmed either with my Sony FS7 or A7RII using expensive lenses. The process also made it harder since my “studio” room that I plan to use for videos isn’t ready. Because of an error (and I’m being nice by saying that) by the moving company my studio room is not going to be ready for several months. If not more. I didn’t want to wait so I basically turned a corner of my bedroom into a temporary studio using my camera off the computer. I did invest in a new microphone set up which has been a massive plus.

I found that the videos I watched were not as well produced as I was putting into my older videos. Yet I never thought about it. I mainly noticed bad sound more than anything. As is the old saying – content is key. So I let go of my creative ego and am using the webcam currently with the microphone for good audio. It may not look like I want it to (it’s just flat really though I do have extra light on me so it’s not too dark) and it does enable me to do videos so much quicker. While other videos that don’t need to be as timely as the Blu-ray ones can be more produced. Especially once the studio room is ready.

There will also be a new series coming which I am so excited about. So much so I think it actually deserves its own channel. It will showcase my love of movies as well as a love letter to fellow fans of genre, exploitation, and the other kinds of classic films. More on that very soon as I’m getting closer to launching that.

Does this mean I have stopped making movies? HA! Not likely. I am constantly itching to make the next film. Making movies requires so much time, money, and … money so there is downtime between projects. Even smaller ones. That doesn’t mean that things are not being worked on. Quite the contrary. But there is time when you aren’t on set filming or locked in an editing room. One thing I am doing though which is scary is letting go of the freelance work to become much more of a content creator. It is very scary but at the same time it’s also something I can sort of control. It’s all on me whether a video is done or not. Whether the channel(s) thrive or sink.

It’s a very exciting but also scary time. Though if you’re not scared going into an endeavor then it isn’t worth it.

Many things happening but I welcome everyone to join me on this crazy journey. The link to check out my Vague Ramblings is HERE.


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