Who’s The G-Master Now


As many people know I have been desiring (drooling?) 0ver the new Sony G-Master line of lenses since they were announced. As someone who uses both the Sony FS7 and Sony A7RII cameras using those lenses would be ideal. I’m a big believer that using native lenses is, in most cases, better though using other lenses with adapters is perfectly fine as I do that as well. But I personally prefer using lenses made for the cameras I use.

When Sony went to full frame mirrorless their lens options were lacking in options. It took time to build a library of lenses as it would for any new mount. While there were some great lenses early on there were those of us that really wanted more professional lenses with low F-stops and great glass. Guess what? They listened. They started releasing their G series and now with their G-Master lenses they are aiming for professionals. These lenses are heavier than the usual mirrorless lenses because low light optics requirements means heavier glass. I don’t mind that as I can deal with weight in favor of amazing optics and that’s what these lenses have. Two of the three new G-Master lenses were the ones I was lusting after. The 24-70mm zoom lens with a constant F/2.8 aperture and the 85mm F/1.4 lens. A zoom lens with a constant aperture is something that greatly helps in my video work. I have never had an 85mm lens and as much as I love to take portraits I figured it was time I change that.

Sony 85mm G-Master F/1.4 lens.

Needless to say camera gear ain’t cheap. If you’ll pardon the hyperbole. Professional gear of any kind is even doubly expensive. That being said getting good gear is an investment and it’s one you have to decide is worth it or not. Your work isn’t better because of your gear. It does help though. There is a difference between a $400 lens and a $2,000 lens. It becomes obvious when you start shooting. However, I never buy expensive gear out of the gate. You do have to build. Learn to drive in a Yugo (remember those?) before you get a BMW. That’s not to say the temptation to get the top of the line this or that isn’t there. It is. It is always there. Just make sure you can really appreciate it when you do.

Going off on a tangent.

I am getting the chance for a very fun photo shoot so I am using that as my excuse (like I need one) to finally get the 85mm G-Master. I’m sure with a quick search you can see it’s super expensive. I decided I could only get it through Best Buy since I can at least finance it for a year. So I have 12 months before I curl up in a corner crying into my empty wallet. I wanted these pictures to be special and I knew the 85mm would really help with some of the pictures I want to do. So the choice was made and I ordered it. Now at the time I could only have it sent to the store not to my house. Why? I have no idea. It was weird but it’s not a big deal. It’s just me walking into Best Buy can be dangerous as I tend to always wander into the movie section and before you know it, well, two weeks ago I went in to get one movie and walked out with five and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon set that is in the van packaging. At that point my $5 rewards coupon doesn’t add up to much. I ordered the lens and had it shipped to the store.

When I got the message it was ready I went and picked it up. It was such a site to see. Just cute as anything. A bright sunshine on a cloudy day. Enough about the girl at the counter. When she brought the lens out I have to admit I was as excited as a kid. She asked me about what I do as I don’t think they see many lenses of that type since the stores don’t carry them. As I stood there in my Dawn Of The Dead t-shirt (always the professional) I told her what I did as my card rang up the charge. The very expensive charge.

The average person would have left but not me. I took my lens and wandered around. I went through the movie section and debated a few titles. Especially some steelbooks. Even though I already had the movies the steelbooks looked cool. Luckily the amount of the lens kept me from doing anything rash. Well, almost.

As I walked through the TV section, because that’s normal when you’re not looking for a TV, the girl from the front counter passed by in her regular clothes as I guess she was done for the day and said she hoped I had a great day. I should have gotten her number. Damn.

Anyway. Where was I? Oh yeah! The TV section.

I walked by the glowing glow of the amazing 4K televisions when I saw they moved the camera section. So I wandered over briefly even though rarely is there anything they keep in store that I usually need. A worker went over to the locked cabinet with a customer as I was right there and there I saw an orange and black box. Wait. Sony uses orange and black boxes for their lenses. Best Buy doesn’t carry those. Wait. That is a Sony box! Wait! It’s the 24-70mm G-Master F/2.8 zoom lens?!?!?!?! I asked the guy before he closed it if I could see that real quick. He pulled it out but said he can’t leave it with me. Whatever. He pulled it out and it was in amazing condition despite being an “open item”. He put it back and showed the other customer something else. I stared at the box through the locked glass and that’s when I saw that because it was an open box item it was also over $400 off(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Now, on occasion Sony lenses will have a rebate offer. I’ve gotten a couple lenses that way but at the most they are $100 off and new lenses like these won’t be on any sale for a long while. Having just spent the huge amount on the 85mm there is no way I could spend almost the same amount for the zoom lens. I can’t. Then my mind starts the justifying.

I will never find this lens at over $400 off.

The lens is right in front of me. I can see it’s in perfect condition.

The video and photos I can take with this will be incredible. Having this lens on the film and for video work and for photography will be a huge plus.

I can also get financing so I have a year before I cry in the corner into my empty wallet.

With this lens I complete my want list so I don’t need anymore lenses. I’m set.

Even though I’m a professional this makes me more professional because … just because!

Those steelbooks look cool. No wait. Lens!

I always live by the Al Bundy “Shoe Line” mantra,”Al Bundy isn’t going into the hole for $50,000. He’s going into the hole for $100,000!”

And then finally – what if someone else buys this? I will regret this forever. FOREVER!

With that my mind was made. Therefore I present you with my 24-70mm G-Master F/2.8 lens.

Sony 24-70mm G-Master F/2.8 lens.

Am I excited? Hell yeah! Am I scared because I just spent a crap load of money? Hell yeah! Sometimes you just have to take chances and sometimes you have to risk to do it. I admit I am hoping that things work out otherwise a year from now (with other things as well) I could be in a worse place. Or, I could be in a ten times better place. I don’t know. I have a lot at stake this year and I just upped the stakes even more. Let’s face it, if you don’t try it you’ll never know. I never want to live in regret. I’ve regretted enough in my life so far. No more.

With the film on the horizon (weeks away?!) and now a photo shoot that is opening my eyes to other things I am in an uncertain but exciting place. This major purchase is a step into that new phase. Here’s to the future! And to eating ramen for awhile.

My full set of amazing lenses. Let’s go make some more magic.

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