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To Infinity And Beyond

A frame grab from one of the camera tests for the film shot in 4K with the Sony FS7.

I haven’t posted much lately but not from a lack of things happening but more from there being a lot of things happening. The first half of the year was definitely an all over the place couple of months.

The main thing is the new feature film is in Pre-Production. Locations have been (and are still) being scouted. I’ve been doing camera tests to test out different looks. I’ve been using the Sony FS7, which will be the main camera, and the Sony A7RII recording to the Atomos Assassin in Pro Res, which will be a B camera. Everything is being shot in 4K and while the file sizes are huge (going to need a lot of hard drives) it is amazing. I have been waiting years for the time when I could shoot 4K on my own without having to rent very expensive cameras.


There are a few more tests to run but it has all been very exciting and promising at how well I can finally do what I want without compromise as it has felt in the past with other cameras.


We are putting together key crew and will start casting in a bit. There will be many updates coming on the film as it all comes together. Let the madness begin.

There are a few other projects in the works which I’ll be talking about soon. And for those wondering, No Witnesses, my new short film, is being, and has been, submitted to several film festivals. They’re all not until later in the year so I won’t hear anything for a couple more months.

On the collecting front I am taking a back seat this year to watch expenses but when something special comes along you can’t pass it up. I’ll post about some of them later either in blog form or video form but I will post about some of the very cool additions to my Escape From New York collection. One of my top favorite films I just love collecting for it. I finally got the original teaser poster.

An original teaser poster for Escape From New York.

I also finally got the complete set of the original lobby cards. I got an amazing deal on seven of them. Part of the deal was because it wasn’t the complete set but the price was a fraction of what a complete set goes for. That was exciting. The downside is that I had to track down the one card I didn’t have. I finally found one and naturally it was almost twice as much as what I paid for the other seven. I managed to get a deal but even then it was still more than the other seven. However, all total I still paid about a quarter of what a full set goes for so I still made out.

The original complete set of 11×14 lobby card set for Escape From New York.

As if that wasn’t enough I also got an incredible deal on the original French poster. These are huge measuring in at 47″x63″. Once again I found one at a fraction of what it normally goes for. As much as I’ve been trying to not spend money on posters I can’t pass up an amazing deal on something special.

Original French poster for Escape From New York. Don’t mind the mess around it.

I’ve also been pre-packing things so when the time comes to move I’ll be ready. Also doing some rearranging of my movie room which is taking a lot longer than expected. I watched other people’s movie room tour videos on YouTube (along with game room tours, man cave tours, etc.) and boy was it inspiring. It made me want to go through old things I had boxed away which has been a massive help. Plus it’s been fun finding things from years ago I’m glad I never threw out. I also realized that my massive movie collection is indeed massive. So much organizing and displaying to do.

There are more blog posts to be done, a lot more Vague Ramblings vlog videos to do (I have so many ideas for them), and, of course, a feature film to make. Plus it’s my favorite time of year. Summer!

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