Birthday And Update

DSC03687I know I haven’t been updating too much lately but because there have been a lot of things going on I haven’t had much time. I will be doing more blog posts and also more videos on everything. I will list a couple key things for now.

First, I just had another birthday. So there was that.

Sony FS7 4K camera.

As I mentioned before I did get a new camera, the Sony FS7 4K camera. As always is the case with a new camera there is a learning curve but since I’m coming from a Sony camera to another it isn’t that big. However, the recording format is new for me so there is some learning there. Mainly how to shoot in it correctly and how to work with it in post production. I’ll be getting into that more soon. I have to say it is definitely the best camera I have ever had. It is just amazing.

DSC03682There have also been some new equipment as well including the new RODE Filmmaker Kit wireless lavalier which is great. Again, there will be more on that soon. Plus I’ve gotten some new bags to carry stuff in. Some of my bags I’ve had for so many years and are workhorses and are still going strong. Others needed to be upgraded. Plus I needed a new bag for the new camera as it won’t fit (in a way I feel safe) into my last camera bag.

I also attended this year’s Flashback Weekend. There will be a post dedicated to that coming but it was such an incredible time. They had a Halloween films reunion so there were people there from several of the films. One of the photo ops offered was a group one of the Halloween III Season Of The Witch reunion which I could not turn down.

F – Actors Stacey Nelkin, Tom Atkins, Nancy Loomis, and writer director Tommy Lee Wallace . R – Composer Alan Howarth, Cinematographer Dean Cundey, Me, and actor stuntman Dick Warlock.

A lot going on with the new film including work on the screenplay and looking into locations and scheduling. There will be a lot more coming on that once I’m further along in the process. Right now it’s a lot of working out details. It will be a 4K film and it will be the most ambitious film I’ve made yet plus one that is most me.

I know I’ve been lacking in updates but there hasn’t been any lacking in what is going on. I intend to keep the posts and the videos coming so get ready. Afterall, I’m a year older now. I am so much more mature and serious. Well, a little more mature and serious. Ok, I’m basically still me just a year older.

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