Update For March

_MG_7588 copyI haven’t posted in awhile but things have gotten a little hectic. There was work that needed attention plus some family issues not to mention some car problems and even an ear infection. Before you know it several weeks have passed.

Where are things now?

I am getting myself mentally prepared for the new script which I will start writing any day now. It’s hard for some people to understand but I compare it to an actor getting ready for a role. I need to really feel the story I’m creating so I sit with it for awhile until I can access it at a moments notice. I find music to listen to while I write. This is important for me. I look for music that creates the mood I’m needing. When I put that music on I am immediately transplanted right into the world I have created and can think and write. Most of the time it is film music but it needs to be music that isn’t as noticeable. For example, as much as Raiders Of The Lost Ark is one of my favorite film scores I can’t listen to it while writing unless I was writing an Indiana Jones film. Therefore the music I need has to fit the mood but isn’t so recognizable to the film it’s from. I think I have several options for this new film which is good.

There may in fact be a new camera for the film. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time and there are still several factors that need to happen before deciding if I go that route. I would love to shoot the film in 4K instead of HD (especially highly compressed HD) but that also comes with many things I need to consider. Am I shooting myself in the foot by doing that or future proofing the film outside of the artistic advantages it would bring? I can’t answer it at the moment but it’s among the many questions I’m asking myself. I’ll definitely be posting about that as decisions get made.

I will be making a pretty honest Vague Ramblings soon which will be posted. It’s been a rough couple of months and will be a rough year in many ways but I intend to do everything I can to get this film made before my life takes a turn.

I will be posting more updates and more videos are coming. Here’s to a turning point and hopefully many creative endeavors.

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