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Happy 32nd Anniversary Creepshow

My original theatrical 30″x40″ thick paper stock Creepshow poster.

Today, November 12th, celebrates the 32nd anniversary of one of my all time favorite films, George A. Romero’s Creepshow.

My original theatrical teaser poster for Creepshow. Autographs I’ve gotten on it so far include director George Romero, make up artist Tom Savini, actors Tom Atkins, Gaylen Ross, and composer John Harrison.

Written by Stephen King and directed by George Romero and featuring an all star cast Creepshow features five “jolting tales of horror” inspired by the old E.C. comics like “Tales From The Crypt” and “The Vault Of Horror”. The film mixes the perfect blend of horror and comedy with portions (like the story “The Lonesome Death Of Jordy Verille”) mixing the perfect blend of camp in as well. When things turn to horror it doesn’t skimp whether it’s grossing us out with some amazing make up effects by Tom Savini or the actual terror of creeping corpses, cockroaches aplenty, or a monster in a crate that scared me so much every dark corner or unopened crate to this day inspires feelings of unease in me.

My copy of the original Creepshow comic book released before the film was released.

Somehow I convinced my father to take a very young me to see this. Maybe I held my breath I’m not sure. While I did spend most of “The Crate” watching the story in the lobby through the small window in the theatre door I couldn’t help but fall in love with the film. I had come across the comic book which was released several months before the film (my copy is pictured above) and was amazed by it. When the film came out I just had to see it.

My actual VHS that I got as a kid of Creepshow.

Then when the VHS came out I somehow convinced my parents (more holding of breath? I guess I can “hold my breath for a long time”) to buy me the VHS which at initial release was not cheap. But it was one of my favorites so had to have it. Even though I was too scared to watch past the second story if no one else was home I watched it, or as much as I could, all the time.

My various Creepshow video versions over the years including the DVD, region 2 special edition, bootleg of the Tom Savini behind the scenes videos, and the Blu-ray.

Through the years I’ve had it in various video formats. I think everything that exists. I had the VHS, the Laserdisc, the DVD, the Blu-ray, and I even have the digital version so I can keep it on my iPhone and iPad.

My Laserdisc copy of Creepshow.

I just love every aspect of the film including the score by John Harrison which I also think I’ve had in different formats including the LP soundtrack and several CD releases including the recent LaLa Land Records release which also has several of the library tracks as well.

The LaLa Land soundtrack release. One of my many copies of the soundtrack over the years.

Anything Creepshow I love. I’ve seen the film in every format including at a drive-in earlier this year. I collect as much as I can whenever I see anything from it.

The original press kit I have for Creepshow.
The original lobby card set.
The very large 47″x63″ Italian poster.

So happy anniversary to one of my all time favorite films (which I am watching again as I write this piece) and to many, many more. It’ll continue to scare and entertain. It is also “the most fun you’ll ever have being scared”.

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