Bookkeeper Confidentiality Agreement Template

Every freelance contract has a start and end date. Apart from the duration of the contract, you must mention that services that go beyond the expiry date of the accounting service contract are provided with additional compensation. Now that the two companies involved have been identified, we need to provide an accurate description of this task. For the first item (“I. Services”), a checklist has been provided to allow you to define the services that the accountant must provide to comply with this agreement. You thus designate services such as “credit accounting”, “deposit accounting”, “bank comparison”, “invoice payment”, “budget preparation”, “customer-specific reports”, “Detailed annual accounts”, “general accounting”, “pay slip and cheque register” and/or “other” services by simply activating the corresponding control box. Note the last item in this list. If none of the preceding points correctly define what the accountant is hired to do or some of what the accountant is responsible for, mark the last field and describe the services required. On the other hand, freelancers should review the accounting agreement before cooperating. Important clauses regarding the project should be considered to ensure that both parties are on the same side. Such guidelines may hold a party to account in the event of a breach. The freelancer can also research their clients` experience to determine their reputation when it comes to hiring freelance accountants. It should be difficult to negotiate to ensure that both the professional and the client are satisfied with the final results.