Sag Low Budget Agreement 2019

What is the level of P-H? The 2019 trade agreement specifies what rate P-H applies if you have a contract that has different collective agreements. The MOA codifies what has long been the JPC`s position, and provides that the phrase that “according to this contract at the beginning of a multi-service contract (defined as the effective date, the date of the first service or the date of payment of the executor, according to the most initial date) remains in effect until the multi-service contract is changed or an option is exercised. The SAG Modified Low Budget Agreement applies to films with budgets ranging from $250,000 to $700,000. The daily sag price is $335 and the weekly SAG rate is $1166. Non-union actors are allowed, while substantive actors are not covered. Change to the codified basic agreement. The low-budget agreements distinguish some of the remuneration and other conditions proposed in SAG-AFTRA`s codified core agreement, the agreement for a full budgetary feature film scheduled for theatrical release. While each of the low-budget agreements is between 6 and 12 pages long, the basic codified agreement covers more than 700 pages. All the conditions under which a low-budget agreement is silent are governed by the terms of the codified core agreement. New media under 50k: prices are negotiable between production and performance. SAG New Media Category A: 20% of SAG New Media Basic Contract Rates Category B: 35% of SAG New Media Base Rates Category C: 65% of SAG New Media Base Rates Category D: SAG Basic Contract Rates Sag Theatrical Rates apply to actors who perform in films with different budgets. The term “theatre” means that the film must have a first theatrical release.

If you produce a film directly for broadcast, you may be covered by a New Accord. although in the age of streaming, the term may have a different meaning. And unlike other SAG AFTRA theatrical agreements, you don`t need to provide theatrical performance as part of this agreement. Although SAG and AFTRA (the two unions) merged in 2012, the sag pension plan and the AFTRA pension fund remain separate units. Each SAG-AFTRA collective agreement determines the fund in which pension contributions are made. The SAG Commercial contract refers to the SAG pension plans and the SAG-AFTRA audio sales contract and the SAG-AFTRA Corporate/Educational – Non-Broadcast contract (the “co-ed contract”) each refer to the AFTRA pension fund. A graphic summary: the SAG minimum wage rate is determined to determine which collective agreement (CBA) applies to your production.