Iuoe 727 Collective Agreement

Bill 75The teacher`s professional contract and the Classroom Improvement Act impose a collective agreement on teachers after rejecting the contractual terms three times. Bill 100 The University Accounting and Sustainability Act allows universities to terminate collective agreements for five years of “revitalization period.” Hundreds of union members from across the province came on the opening day of the Nova Scotia Legislature on September 21, 2017. Workers from several public sector unions overran the Speech from the Throne, which was delivered simultaneously inside. You sent a message to the Liberal government in McNeil that we would defend the rights of collective bargaining. “Unions will be here much longer than this Liberal government!” Although the government is in charge of the employer`s mandate and is funding the agreement, it was not at the negotiating table. A provincial spokesperson said that in this case, arbitration was the best way forward. Bill 148 The Sustainability of Public Utilities Act freezes and limits wage increases, sets the duration of collective agreements and ends long-term benefits. Amendments to bill 19 Act made it more difficult for workers to exercise their right to union training and to ensure the first collective agreements. Bill 30 The Essential Home Support Services Act has directly interfered in the collective bargaining of homeworkers. “As unions, we have found that it is so much easier for the government to take a pen in its hands and prevent us from having the right to freely negotiate collective agreements than to do the right thing and seize the opportunity.” With the schedules of this legislation behind them, Chapman said the union believed they had a better hit on real collective bargaining. Both sides decided what they could have around the table and agreed in January to let an arbitrator decide the remaining issues. In recent years, Premier Stephen McNeil and Labour Minister Mark Furey have spoken out about their aversion to allowing an arbitrator to determine what the province can and cannot afford. Chapman said the February result shows that the collective bargaining process can work, despite the government`s recent assessment of its approach to labour relations.

Since 2013, public service employees, including teachers, nurses, principals and babysitters, public servants, the arts scene and many others — more than 70,000 workers — have been relentlessly involved by the Liberal government in the collective bargaining process.