Fulton County Device Agreement

“These devices will be our universal distance learning tools, and our priority is to ensure that our students have them,” bell said. The superintendent also said the district could file a police report indicating that the device is lost or stolen. Starting April 16, “Dial 8 for computer/hardware issue” will be added the remote emergency number for all Fulton County parent/guardian staff, students and schools. The technology company`s staff is available by “point 8” to resolve problems related to the device exposed by FCS. If necessary, technology staff direct parents/guardians, students and employees to an online form that allows them to choose a time/date/place to obtain a computer, exchange a computer, receive a power cable or return a computer when a student closes or leaves the district. Parents and students can contact the IT department to agree on a return date or to pay for lost equipment. The service can be reached by phone at 470-254-4357 or by email at itservicedesk@fultonschools.org. The county said it already had thousands of mobile devices before the coronavirus called for virtual learning At a meeting of the Fulton County Board of Education earlier this month, the superintendent said parents will be charged for the value if the device is not returned. The device is also masoned, which means that the borough will lock the device remotely. A masonry device can be restored for use by computer staff, so another student can be exposed for class work, Bell said. “We had 6th to 12th one-for-one aircraft and we started doing it seven years ago, so we had a number of aircraft,” Bell said. These include more than 400 devices used by seniors that have not yet been returned.

Once these isolated devices are tracked, Bell said, his team will send letters in mid-August that will give parents and students five days to return them to one of the FCS`s four technology hubs, Bell said, that students were allowed to keep the devices a little longer to prepare for AP tests when schools were closed because of the pandemic. There are new tools that help teachers tailor learning to each student`s needs, skills and interests. Thanks to Fulton County taxpayers and the one-cent SPLOST sales tax, we are able to provide mobile devices that help teachers better meet the needs of all students. Nearly 500 mobile devices distributed to seniors in Fulton County schools in the 2019-2020 school year did not return and parents could be charged or even facing criminal complaints if they do not address the school system. Students who wish to use their personal device do not need a Fulton Cunty device. Hopewell uses Microsoft products, so make sure your device has access to Word, Teams, OneNote, OneDrive, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. You can also download Microsoft 365 for free on your personal device. Click here for more information.

The Fulton County website has more details if you want to make sure your device is suitable. All Cambridge High School students have the option of obtaining a Microsoft Surface 3 that can be used during the 2018-2019 school year. This year again, we will use ZippSlip for contracts for the electronic use of devices instead of paper. Device user agreements are required before a device can be emitted. The devices will be distributed on Thursday, August 9 to students who will have a user contract signed until Monday, August 6 at 9:00 a.m. Students who have signed user contracts after the August 6 deadline will receive their device in the week of August 13 during a makeup session during Study Hall and CLAWS. “It is imperative that these devices be returned and we expect a response rate of 95% or more,” said Emily Bell, Chief Information Officer of Fulton County Schools (FCS), the Board of Education at its July 14 meeting. If you`re available