Does A Permitted Occupier Have To Sign A Tenancy Agreement

Before granting your lease, we must confirm your identity, the identity of your guarantor and/or the authorized occupant (if any). To do this, we need two forms of identification. Please read the following requirements and if you have any questions or concerns, just contact us! “Your agreement is with the original tenant, and they are the ones who are supposed to meet the conditions set out in it.” A tenant should also think before moving into a property with a licensed occupant. You may be good friends, partners or family, but at the end of the day, it is the tenant who will have full responsibility for maintaining the end of the lease, even if the relationship with the authorized occupier deteriorates. In the above situation, the landlord could, for example, try to go to the tenant for rent arrears taken into account by a licensed tenant who stayed beyond the end of the lease – even if the tenant himself moved. This becomes a problem when the tenant moves, since the authorized occupier can remain legitimate because the tenant has admitted them into the property. If a couple were on a tenancy agreement with one as a designated tenant and the other as a licensed occupier and the tenant left the property, the remaining person would have no obligation under the tenancy agreement. They would not be required to leave the property unless it was necessary to obtain negotiations and a court decision to obtain ownership of the property on the basis of that tenant. The general rule is that all occupants of the property over 18 should be designated as tenants.

If necessary, guarantee a guarantor for the tenant who may not fully meet the reference criteria. It is worth making clear that someone is disinherited does not mean that they may be in default, that they are undrooling the property or not complying with other terms of the lease. Everything in the contract is still in effect, but it is only the tenant`s responsibility to make sure that happens. Were you aware of the rules regarding authorized occupants? Let us know in the comments below. Approved occupants should exercise a high degree of caution. First, it is a question of determining why the potential resident wishes to be a licensed occupant and not a tenant. Second, an agency should not behave with what a potential tenant does or does not want to do in such a situation.