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The self-service advertising platform was launched in March 2012 for American Express card members and resellers in the United States on an invitation basis. Twitter later reported that many small businesses and people who used the self-service tool provided feedback suggesting they were impressed with the feature. [271] In order to continue their advertising campaign, Twitter announced on March 20, 2012 that the announced tweets should be introduced on mobile devices. [272] In April 2013, Twitter announced that its self-service Twitter Ads platform, consisting of tweets and announced accounts, is available without invitation to all U.S. users. [271] According to Quancast, 27 million people in the United States used Twitter as of September 3, 2009. 63% of Twitter users are under the age of 35; Sixty percent of Twitter users are Caucasians, but African Americans/Blacks (sixteen percent) and Hispanics (eleven percent) are more than average (compared to other features of the Internet); Fifty-eight percent of Twitter users have a household income of at least $60,000. [235] The spread of African-American use of Twitter and in many popular hashtags has been studied. [236] [237] In 2020, Twitter began testing an Instagram/Snapchat Story feature in some parts of the world. [220] This new feature has been called Fleets. They were first launched in Brazil in March. [220] In June 2020, Fleets was launched in India. [221] A user can add text, images and videos to a fleet that disappears after 24 hours.

[220] The “Floats” function was officially introduced on November 17, 2020. [222] [223] If you use service development features, including but not limited to Twitter for websites (, twitter cards (, public API ( or Twitter connection (, you accept our development agreement ( and development policy ( If you wish to reproduce, modify, distribute, sell, transfer, publicly display, present, transfer or otherwise use The Services or Content on the Services, you must use the interfaces and instructions we provide, unless authorized by Twitter Services, these Terms or Terms provided on