Tsc And Knut Agreement On Promotion

In the recent dispute, The Knut accused the Teacher Services Commission (TSC) of keeping parallel pay slips for teachers who refused to increase their salaries and promote them. He pointed out that the teachers` employer`s trick was to ensure that teachers were excluded from promotions and that the union was further weakened. Kimotho added that the promotions will only take place as part of the 2017-2021 collective agreement signed between TSC and Knut. The service systems contained in the code of conduct and the code of conduct and the ethics of teachers are Knut`s preferred route, but the TSC is irritated. The CBA`s adjournment devastated teachers because their employer continues to refuse promotions, salary increases and other related benefits. Teachers` dreams of moving to career scale were shattered after the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) broke the circular removing and replacing the three teaching service tables with professional promotion directives (GIC) in violation of the CBA until May 2, 2019. All three proposals were considered at the meeting between union officials and the TSC. Akello Missouri, general secretary of kuppet, said that graduate teachers will now apply for available slots to move from Job Group C2 to C3. KNUT Latest news on teacher promotion The latest news knut on the salary increase will go from different qualified teachers from their current job group to a higher group. Some remain in their respective groups, but receive a pay increase. So who qualifies for increase and preference? What criteria were used to promote tutors? Below is everything you need to know about KNUT News on teacher promotion. TSC Communications Director Beatrice Wababu added that 32,051 other teachers in the B5 Working Group are not qualified for promotion. Teachers in higher secondary education, III and special needs also do not benefit from an increase.

This is because their remuneration should only be influenced in two phases. Below is a compilation of various August KNUT news on teacher promotions and salary increases. According to Nancy Macharia, TSC`s Executive Director, these positions will be available to principals within C5 T-Scale 10 and to assistant principals in C4 T-Scale 9.