No Broker Rental Agreement Charges

Deceived by Nobroker, I paid the real rent and assuming the lease too, but still it was deducted 3% and refunded (the money is still not credited) my money . Calling customer service and e-mail is useless. Everyone here has lived like this, can we challenge the transaction? Real estate platform without brokerage has set up comprehensive real estate management services with rental guarantee for property owners and owners who have real estate in other cities. Nobroker provides you with a one-stop shop for all paper processing and documentation related to lease registration, bank classification, police audit and business authorizations. Yes, you will also have a tax bill with Nobroker that I have not seen in others. Maybe they will add it in the future, or maybe not. This can be useful if you manage the books of accounts. No broker indicates that Amex card payment is only won on the basis of rewards. Does this mean that we don`t earn regular Amex premiums when we pay rent via Amex cards? It`s true. I`ve had similar experiences with No Broker. The transaction for the first month (May) went smoothly, without requesting a lease (RA). The following month (June), the transaction was put on hold and requested for ra, and after receiving the RA transaction, it was processed. Finally, the transaction was put on hold during the third month (July) and was requested for the RA, and after receiving the RA transaction, it was rejected and, with a 2% deduction deducted from the tenant`s information, it was not billed on the RA, although the same RA was provided and processed in June.

I got the problem out of the way and got them to pay back the 2% that was taken away. Later, they sent me an email to request the transaction, and they will manage the transaction. However, because I noticed that no broker works and I stopped making a transaction with them. What is the fees and also do the police check In addition, no real estate agent gives an option for monthly self-debit like redgiraffe? I haven`t seen this option because Nobroker gives $500 for this month, which get back the 1% they charge, you can use it. But redgiraffe is the best for future payments. No broker has specifically added a line under the credit card payment option, which is called “included diners” it`s just a scam! The Nobroker site does not impose enough requirements on the payment processing user interface while you accept your payment! Later, when they maintain payment, they ask you for bills!! If you don`t have an invoice, they simply offer a refund, but guess what -2%. Why not add the requirement first when you make the payment! It is either judiciously designed scam to milk money or bad UI, wrong system. My guess is a glorified scam! Caution FYI, 1% charge is currently up to 75000INR. nobroker charged 1.5% for the amount more than that. no broker completely falsified – fraud many fake hidden fees do not trust at any price….. While paying rent with this application, it will only ask for A/C of the landlord`s details instead of the lease, so no broker will make your payment on ice.

Finally ask for the lease. If you do not have a rental agreement, you will deduct 3% commission, then the balance will be refunded. If you have a lease, then they respond as below…. One of the reasons Nobroker has become popular recently is because of its offer with Payzapp, which gives 5% cashback to rs.500 if you pay for the rental on Nobroker with Payzapp at check-out. The Payzapp option also allows you to use Diners Card if it doesn`t support the “credit card” option, which means that all cards are accepted on Nobroker. When I came here, I realized that there were a lot of people like me who suffered because no real estate agent did a questionable firm in terms of rent.