Master Merchant Agreement

UATP allows transaction processing organizations with a large customer base of tour operators to join UATP as a Merchant Master to enable their travel agencies and travel providers to accept and process UATP cards. As a general rule, a Master Merchant will process all claims and accept all settlement and clearing activities on behalf of its resellers. JetPay combines real-time credit card processing, online payment functions and reseller account services into one solution. JetPay operates its own pre-end licensing system, a back-end clearing and settlement system and a merchant accounting system. JetPay processes transactions from end to end without third-party participation. Merchant e-Solutions is a technology-driven company with a comprehensive payment platform for financial institutions and merchants. Founded in early 2000, industry veterans, particularly former Bank of America Merchant Services executives, have used technology and experience to create a leading payment processing platform in the industry. Today, we continue to develop easy-to-use solutions for the payments industry through the search for cutting-edge, customer-focused industry technologies and expertise. Currently, we process more than $14 billion a year in domestic and international payments for more than 65,000 dealers, and more than 250 financial institutions use our dealer acquisition platform. Our solutions support a comprehensive service infrastructure for the processing of distributors for a wide range of distribution channels, including e-commerce and traditional retail transaction processing. With transaction processing speeds of less than a second and redundant payment servers with 99.99% availability, we are able to meet the needs of our customers now and in the future. As a UATP-Master distributor, IATA allows its BSPs to process travel agency service charges using the UATP card as a means of payment. Merchant e-Solutions is headquartered in Redwood City CA, with offices in Spokane WA and satellite offices in Minneapolis MN and Columbus GA.

Allow your Merchants travel agency to be travel resellers: Allow your UATP travel agent as a means of payment for travel packages and agency service charges. The hotel and car rental solution is a partnership between UATP and WEX, Inc.