Jersey Reciprocal Health Agreement

Hospital emergency room care is free. But for the first 6 months, if you are moving to Jersey for the first time, you have to pay for most health care (unless you have a license). This involves covering temporary visitors, especially holidaymakers. Each agreement offers free health care or health care at a lower cost if you get sick. As a general rule, only emergency or emergency treatment costs are covered. Therefore, the agreements cannot replace health insurance and it is recommended to have insurance coverage to cover the cost of health care when traveling outside Jersey. All immediate members of your family who train with you need their own health card. The agreements allow visitors to a country to be treated as an established state in that country. If a resident pays for a particular treatment, so does the visitor. Children do not need their own health card.

If you have a baby, take the birth certificate with you to get a social security number and a doctor registration form. You need it to take your child to a family doctor and pick up prescriptions on their behalf. We recognise that the UK`s priority at the moment is Brexit and that health agreements with other European countries are part of that image. We also recognize that a new mutual health agreement would most likely result in costs for Guernsey, which should be acceptable to the Committee on Health and Social Affairs and The States. “All the authorities I have discussed on the island, from the IRS to social security; From the health department to the back to work initiative, they have been very accommodating, efficient and supporting both my company and I on a personal level. You will only cover mutual health agreements if your visit lasts less than three months and you do not intend to postpone countries permanently. Most agreements only apply to visitors for a limited time. This is often the case for temporary stays of up to three or six months and not if you live or work in another country. The host country will determine the agreement according to its own policy and decide what it considers to be emergency or emergency treatment. The agreements do not apply if you are deliberately travelling to the country to seek medical treatment. Please note; French nationals are immediately entitled to a health card under an agreement between Jersey and France.

The current agreement was signed in 2011 and was concluded between the United Kingdom (which includes England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) and Jersey.