Erasmus Internship Agreement

Whether you are receiving an Erasmus scholarship or are an Erasmus fellow, you sign a scholarship agreement indicating the duration of your mobility, the amount of the scholarship and other rights and obligations. Erasmus supports internships (internships, internships, etc.) abroad for students currently enrolled in higher education institutions in the countries of study at the bachelor and master`s level, as well as for PhD students. These opportunities are also open to higher education graduates. If you are interested in an internship abroad, feel free to take a look at our offers, make an account on and start applying for your favorites. We are here to answer your questions and help you find the perfect internship without a fee. For more details, click here. All students enrolled in the master`s and doctoral degrees, regardless of nationality, who hold an accredited diploma in Hungary or who are enrolled in postgraduate specialisation programmes at the CEU, can apply for an Erasmus internship at the CEU during their studies or within 12 months of the completion date. Students who wish to graduate this year and undergo “end-of-study mobility” must apply by June 15 (during their pre-graduation registration status). The first part of the TA (“before mobility”) must be completed and signed before your internship. This is all the information up to the “during mobility” paragraph. The `during mobility` part must show all your changes in the internship period which you inform your host organisation and the sending institution.

You fill them z.B. if your tasks change. The `after mobility` part must be completed at the end of your mobility. Basically, the same as in previous parts, but the only difference is the assessment of your progress by your superior. This part is like an acceptance that you have done your internship successfully. Two offices, the CEU Academic Cooperation and Research Support Office (ACRO) and the Career Services Office (CSO), manage competitive internship funds to help students find internships that allow them to gain relevant work experience. Please read here the call launched by the CSO for the PSI management fund: If you change from a partner country and a partner country, the institution of the country of the program will sign the grant agreement. Your sending and receiving systems decide what your payments are. Students who receive an Erasmus scholarship repay all or part of the EU scholarship if they do not comply with the terms of the scholarship contract and do not complete the internship and submit the necessary documents at the end of their internship (unless they have been prevented from operating abroad due to a case of force majeure). The Erasmus office must be informed of the changes made to The grant is paid in two tranches: 80% pre-financing at the time of signing the grant contract, but no more than 30 days before the start of the internship. 20% will be transferred at the end of the internship period, until the Erasmus office receives all the documents and has submitted the EU online survey.

All payments are made by bank transfer in EUR. Complete this part with your internship and define all the conditions through your relationships at all stages of the internship. Duration of training and working time – Agreed tasks and detailed internship program – Learning results (such as skills and skills you have after your mobility) – Training time and working time – Goals and recognition – Monitoring and evaluation plan The agreement must be signed first by the intern (you), the company receiving (place of your internship) and then by the University Institution.