Cu Roommate Agreement

We believe that an important part of the learning experience in housing is getting to know new friends in a new environment and interacting with them. We have tried a wide variety of methods for selecting roommates, and although no method has been considered perfect, we have set ourselves a method that works best for our students. Students often choose to live with a roommate while they go to university. CU Denver offers a roommate resource for students. It is not a roommate placement service; However, it can help your student find a roommate who is also a student at CU Denver. Tip: Do a careful interview and meet your potential roommate before moving in together. Remember that it is normal to say no to a potential roommate. You will receive a notification about your room assignment in early July. We will also include the names and contact details of your roommates if you want to get to know each other and make arrangements in advance on what you can bring to bring your room to your university home. Off-Campus Housing and Neighborhood Relations and BAHRA have compiled a COVID-19 roommate contract that involves rent, services and home security, so that students are comfortable with their rentals. The cu housing resource also meets regularly with the City of Boulder Community Mediation Service, Morris said.

There are several discussions that can be helpful to potential roommates before they commit to living together. These discussions can help reduce poor communication and post-arrival stress. Before looking for a roommate, you need to consider the benefits, disadvantages and your needs (which is different from desires). Even if your student has chosen his roommate, and especially if he does not have it, you help put them in contact early and often. The more students communicate before moving in, the less they will appear as strangers when the day comes. Landlord-tenant agreements are still complicated for students who pre-rented apartments for the fall before the appearance of COVID-19. There is no clear line for students looking for an early release of a lease. Arguments on the landlord and tenant side can be influenced by many factors, Sarbaugh said.

If a student has signed an agreement before or after the COVID-19 DECILENCH and has roommates, some are decisive. “They`ve been here for a month, maybe two months, and now they`re starting to look for housing. They don`t know their roommates… “often,” Sarbaugh said. This can be problematic when the time comes for them next year. Now they signed this lease, and now they really have to start paying rent and getting their parents to sign the guarantee, and that sort of thing. If you have any further questions or requests, please contact Please note that the Office of Commuter Services does not support a particular roommate and encourages students to read the following resources before choosing a roommate. Roommate conflicts are natural and healthy. Part of the university experience can also learn to live with a roommate. This experience will help your students learn essential skills such as communication and delimitation.

You can support this process by challenging your student to actively address problems instead of avoiding them or looking for simple answers. Changing roommates is often not the best solution, so your students in the search for alternative solutions will improve the learning that can come from this experience. Three factors are used in the coupling process.