Lighting Test For New Short Film

Doing a lighting test for my new upcoming short film.

It’s now official I am a couple weeks away from shooting my next short film. Details will be revealed but this will be the first film I’ve written, aside from just directing and shooting, in awhile. I have written other things but most of the films I’ve done in the last couple years are ones that were written by other people.

As is evident in the picture I am going for a very film noir look with a warm overtone. It’s an aesthetic I’ve always loved but have rarely been able to do when doing other people’s films. I haven’t done a film project (or any project really) in a very long time that was completely mine. Maybe since I made my feature film Distortion. It is actually a bit more nerve wracking since it is more me than with the other projects but that is also the exciting part.

I’ll post more details in the coming weeks.

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