Goblin Performs The Suspiria Score Live

DSC01862Here is something that I never thought would happen. Within 6 months I have seen the Italian group Goblin not once but twice. The first was last October when they toured and did some of their songs and mainly the music they did for a lot of Dario Argento’s films including Deep Red (Profondo Rosso), Tenebre, Phenomena, and Suspiria, plus some of the music to Dawn Of The Dead which Argento had produced. It was an amazing show.

This second time I got to see them (or a version of them but still with composer Claudio Simonetti) doing the entire score to Suspiria live. Originally I thought they were performing all of the main music to the film. I was wrong. They showed the entire movie and did the entire score! It was unbelievable!

They’re doing a tour where they are doing both Suspiria and Dawn Of The Dead (I believe it’s the Italian version of the film titled Zombie, not to be confused with the Lucio Fulci film Zombie). Not too many cities are getting Suspiria which is one of the best horror film scores ever done so I consider it really special. Since Dawn Of The Dead is also one of my top three favorite films I hope they do another tour and alternate cities because I will be there in a heartbeat to see that one as well.

A truly amazing experience. I know other films have done similar things in the past but having something like Suspiria scored really is just mind boggling. An experience I will remember forever.

As most of you know you can’t take an interchangeable lens camera to a concert. So my Sony A7 stayed home. However, I was able to bring my Sony HX50V point and shoot. It has quite the zoom on it so I was able to get close with the zoom. It’s not a Raw format camera though so I couldn’t do much in post but I was happy with the pictures. I never moved so the wide shots show my view. So the tighter shots are all from the same spot just zoomed in with the camera.

DSC01881 DSC01885        DSC01927DSC01929DSC01935DSC01936


Me with Goblin bandmember and film composer Claudio Simonetti.

Somehow the record movie button got pressed on my camera by accident since you’re technically not supposed to record video at concerts. Since it’s on there anyway I figure I would give everyone a taste of the experience.

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